What’s In A [Blog] Name?

Welcome to RUN WITH THE ROUSHES! I am so excited to finally get the new blog up and running. Most of you are probably here because you saw the link on my old blog, Keeping Up With Kimberly or noticed some changes on my Facebook Page.

In case you’re new around these parts, I have been blogging for a little over four years. I started a blog because it was on my bucket list and a friend finally convinced me to get started. Blogging was a [sometimes forgotten] hobby for me and an outlet for me to put my journalism minor to good use.

I decided in January that this would be the year for me to take my blog to the next level. That meant buying a domain name, moving to a self-hosted platform, and posting more frequently. I thought it would be simple to accomplish all three things, but once I dug deeper into the project, I had to step back and do some thinking:

What type of blogger do I want to be?
What topics do I want to write about?
What should my blog name be?
Can this blog grow with me as I continue to grow?

Blogging is never going to be my full time job or my first priority. It will continue to be a hobby, but a hobby that I spend a lot of time doing! I enjoy writing and sharing my stories, so I will do just that. I will use the blog as a space to share my stories and experiences with my readers.

I am not an expert at anything, but I can do lots of things really well. I’m an avid runner and you’ll see lots of posts about my running on this blog. I’m getting married in June 2015 so you’ll also see lots of posts about wedding planning and how we’re preparing for the big day. I do not belong in the kitchen, but I’m trying to get better at cooking. Prepare yourself for posts about successes (but mostly failures) in the kitchen. You’re also going to find lots of posts about daily life and random experiences I share with The Professor (my soon-to-be-hubby). We will soon be making a big move across the country and away from our families. I hope that my little corner of the interwebs will allow them a peak at what’s going on in our lives (in addition to many facetime dates and text messages!).

That leads me to the name of the new blog, Run With The Roushes. I think the name of this blog encompasses everything that I hope this blog will become for me and my readers and I LOVE IT (so hopefully you do to!).

SO! Thanks for joining me in my new corner of the interwebs. Don’t forget to bookmark the site for easy access or subscribe to the blog using the form on the right hand side of this post. If you subscribe, you’ll get my posts sent directly to your inbox!

**My other blog Keeping Up With Kimberly will remain live, but no new posts will be published on that site. Feel free to remove it from your bookmarks starting March 16, 2015.