1. My dog Panda is a puggle, and lives with my parents in Wyoming! I’m living with my sister and her fam right now, they have two dogs- a westie named Hooper and a Scottie named Otis. Otis is my favorite, he’s sleeping on my bed right now hahah.

    My favorite trick with puppies was to tire them out, and bring them outside every 15-30 min hahah. Then tgat time can be stretched out after a while, but first I had to take panda out often so he knew where to go!

    • For puppy bootcamp, we were outside with her every half hour. Most of time she took the hint. It was so frustrating when she refused to go outside and then would go inside as soon as we brought her in!! The snuggles make it worth it though 🙂

  2. Theresa

    Pups are no joke! Callie was only 9 weeks when we brought her home and I swear she was every bit as much work as a newborn..trust me, it gets better!!

    • We are calling this Parent Training. I have to remind myself that she is basically a baby and babies can’t take care of themselves. How long did it take to train Callie?

  3. Sara Ann Smith

    Marc and I recently got a Weimerimer. His name is Rocky Top “RT” for short. I agree with you puppies are so much work. I don’t remember what it is like to get a full nights rest anymore. My best tip is to get them on a schedule and take her out to the bathroom every 30-45 min. We found that we took him out way more than what he needed to go, but he was house broken within 2-3 weeks. I have no advice on barking because Weims tend to not bark at all. (Which is a major perk of having one-however he is only 6 months old and weighs in at 64 pounds already) He will forever want to be a lap dog.

  4. Aww, such a sweet puppy! I’ve never owned a dog before, but my fiancee and I have talked for a long time about getting a dog one day. I think we may do it after we get married!

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